Indoor gardening in UK is the best technique to refresh the mind and body. You can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and many beautiful houseplants to improve air quality.

You can grow almost every herb and vegetable indoors with the help of a few indoor gardening tools.

In this post you will find:

Complete starting course of indoor gardening in simple words. Learn Everything about indoor gardening in easy steps.

The guide also includes:

What things you need for indoor gardening, how much it costs, how to start, Is it a cost-effective method, etc.. etc.

This guide is specially made for beginners, read till the end before starting a plant indoors.

Let’s start from the basics

Decoration & Enjoyment

Indoor gardening is the best hobby for all age groups. It reduces stress and gives a mental balance. Growing plants at home is not a job it is like entertaining your mind. Learning new skills is always beneficial for our brain neuron cells.

I have many types of beautiful flowers grown at home. They make my home beautiful and their fragrance brings me close to nature.

Moreover, interior designers always choose flowers to decorate houses. This means with the help of a few different types of flowers you can make your home paradise.

Indoor Gardening in UK for Food

The best benefit of growing plants at home is having fresh food at a low cost for 365 days. You can grow many vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home. Those who don’t have enough space for gardening can also grow vegetables in containers and vegetable bags.

In apartments, you have a balcony and this is the best place to start a balcony garden. You can grow some fresh salad items with herbs and flowers.

Anyone can grow food at home and this is the best method to eat organically grown food. Because when you grow at home you don’t use harmful pesticides and fertilizers on your growing vegetables. This gives you chemical free highly nutritional food at a low cost them the supermarket.

Quality of Air

The inside environment of our houses is more pollutant than the outside environment. Because the furniture, paint, matters, etc all release toxic gases in a very limited amount. This is the reason you feel suffocated when you open your house after coming back from a holiday trip. 

Plants are your best air purifiers. When you grow plants at home in flower pots and containers. They keep your home air free of pollutants. Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon from the surroundings. So, they absorb carbon and other harmful gases from your home and release fresh oxygen. This way they improve the air quality index of your home.

Help in outdoor gardening

Indoor gardening in UK helps you to support your outdoor gardening. Because you can germinate seeds indoors and transfer them outdoor in spring. For germination or to develop seedlings, you need to give a warm temperature to your seeds. Inside our home, we have the perfect temperature for starter plants.

What is Indoor gardening and how much space is required to start?

In simple words, indoor gardening means growing plants in any part of the home without sunlight, with the help of manmade artificial grow lights.

In indoor gardening, you use pant Seeds, Grow lights, Nutrients/fertilizers, and Water to grow the healthy plants in a short time (explained below).

You can convert your entire basement (if have one) into a grow room


 You can just use any unused corner of your house to grow indoor plants. Because indoor plants do not need much space to grow. If you can afford you can grow them separately in a Grow tent.

Grow tent is an enclosed cabinet made of high-quality canvas material with inner reflective sides.

All about Best grow tents.

 If you think indoor gardening is a messy job, you are completely wrong. Indoor gardening is a perfect hobby because it gives you high nutritional food to eat at a very low cost. Salad items like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, avocadoes, etc are best to grow at home in containers. This can reduce your grocery expenses.

In my opinion, everyone should need to have a Small or Medium Herb Garden at home. This way you can have a continuous supply of all types of essential herbs that makes your body and mind healthy.

Experts recommend starting to grow indoors as soon as possible because they believe everybody in the United Kingdom needs fresh food throughout the year. Most of the population especially youngsters eat fast food (burgers, fried food items, etc) and invite health issues.

The best possible way to eat healthy and fresh food throughout the year is to grow it at your home. It is a simple process all you need is motivation and correct knowledge of indoor gardening. 

The best part of growing food at home is, it is an easier and cheaper way to get healthy chemical-free food. In commercial growing, farmers use many types of fertilizers and insecticides which put negative effects on human health.

Years ago, we do not have an opportunity to grow in small spaces actually there was not enough technology and developments at the time. Now we can grow in our basements, living room, Laundry room, bedrooms (use growing cabinets for secret farming), backyards.

What are the different types of Indoor Gardening?

  1. Using soil as grow medium
  2. Without soil (Hydroponics)

Soil as a growing medium

In this method, we use soil as a growing medium like in traditional farming in open fields. The only difference is LED Grow light instead of sunlight. People who do not want to spend money on other growing systems or beginners (without experience) should try to grow in the soil first.

Growing in soil is not bad at all it just slows down the growth of plants. Moreover, you cannot control the quality of fruits and the production rate.

Container Gardening

In container gardening, we use containers and vegetable bags to grow plants inside the home. This is the easiest way of growing vegetables at home. Pots should have drainage holes at the bottom to save your plant from excess water. You can also make good draining containers at home by making holes at the bottom.


In such methods, we use nutrient-rich solutions to give direct nutrient supply to our plants. Hydroponic growing systems are the best example where we do not use soil.

In a hydroponic system, we use a nutrient-rich solution for the continuous supply of healthy nutrients to our plants. it is the easy and best way of indoor gardening if you do not want to play with soil or want more control over your plants.

What are the benefits of indoor growing and how much it costs to start indoor gardening?

  1. Indoor gardening UK provides us the best and fresh fruits and vegetable for our kitchen
  2. Fresh herbs always available throughout the year for your cooking
  3. Growing indoor gives you control over the plant. You know which chemicals are going into your food.
  4. Indoor gardening also improves your health. When you have a good supply of daily eating foods like the items, we eat in salad your overall health will improve in a few days. You feel better and fit.
  5. Indoor farming also helps to save our resources because in this method we grow our food in a controlled environment. Which means no more wastage of natural resources.
  6. No need for labor and you do not need to work hard like in open fields. Indoor growing systems and Grow lights do everything for you. All you need to do is monitor everything at least 3 times a day.
  7. This is the best method of spending time for retirees.
  8. No more pests attack or infection to our food. When we grow food in grow tents or grow room, we keep the pests or other diseases away from our healthy plants.
  9. Pure and organic food for the entire family.
  10. It also improves your health and gives peace of mind that your loved ones are eating chemical-free food grown by you.
  11. Keep the family bonding strong, increase love between family members. When one family work to take care of other health this will automatically increase the respect levels.
  12. Get high-quality crops in a few days
  13. No limit, there are many fruits and veggies that you cannot grow in the UK because the environment is not suitable for them, but with the help of grow tents, we can grow them at our place by giving them the exact required favorable growing conditions.
  14. You can grow anything at any time of the year, regardless of the current weather or season.

What are Grow Lights and why do they call Grow lights?

A grow light is an artificial man-made light that we use to grow almost all types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs when there is not sufficient sunlight. In many parts of the world, we do not have enough sunlight for an entire year. So, scientists develop a formula to grow food in the absence of sunlight.

For example, in the winter season, we do not have enough sunlight but our plants need it to grow. If plants do not grow then how we get fresh food to eat. Without much, sunlight farmers cannot grow certain fruits and vegetables to full fill the demand of our people.

Therefore, researchers take the responsibility to find out the solution. They did thousands of experiments and finally develop a grow light by using which we can grow healthy plants at home. Thanx to those scientists for making indoor farming possible.

Soil and Nutrients

The soil we use for indoor gardening should be light and fluffy. This type of soil has good drainage properties. Medium-weight soil is good to grow vegetables like eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, etc at home under Grow lights.

You need to give all the essential nutrients to your plants when you grow them at home. Because they get micronutrients naturally from the soil when growing outdoors. Pre-fertilize potting soil is a good option to start if you don’t have knowledge about fertilizing plants.

For home growers special nutrients are available in the market you can buy them from Amazon at a low cost.


Giving water to plants is not as simple as you think it is. Pouring a bit of water on plants is not a perfect watering. Some plants need more water than others. Some need frequent watering and tropical plants to thrive in well moist soil.

Before watering plants, you need to check the condition of the soil. if you feel the soil is dry water it immediately.

Is indoor gardening cost-effective?

There are many vegetables that are easy and beneficial to grow at home. You need to choose those vegetables and fruits that produce a high volume of food. For example, if you grow grapevines and fruit trees you will get produce after a few years. This increases the production cost because you need to care for them for years to get a few grapes etc.

On the other hand, if you grow tomatoes you can have many tomatoes per plant and this reduces the overall production cost.

Green beans, Green lettuce, squash, potatoes, herbs, berry bushes, etc are cost-effective to grow at home.

Where to buy indoor gardening UK kits and supplies?

Most of the time you cannot find all the indoor gardening equipment in your near garden store. So, you need to find them online. Amazon is the best place to buy indoor gardening supplies. You can find many sellers on Amazon that are selling different indoor gardening kits. Many most trusted brands like Vivosun, ipower, Gorilla Grow Tent, Mardhydro, etc are available there.

What do you need for indoor gardening?

First of all, you need motivation and a strong decision to become an indoor grower. Even if growing plants at home is your hobby you still need a strong decision.

Then you need some essential growing equipment

Grow lights

Grow tents

Potting soil

Nutrient and fertilizers

Carbon filter

Ventilation system


Seeds and seedlings