Grow bag gardening is the perfect choice if you don’t have enough free space for growing plants. Grow bags or fabric pots make it easy for you to grow at home. Those who are living in apartments do not have a place to set up an outdoor garden.

They can use grow bags for gardening and set up them at any place like balconies or in corners inside their apartment.

Once you finish with growing fruits, salad, and vegetables in your grow bags wash them and store them for future use.

In this post, you’ll learn about grow bag gardening and how to start it.

What are the growing bags?

Grow bags are made up of high-quality fabric and are used to grow plants at home in a small space. Once you fill the grow bag with the right potting soil you can plant the seeds in it. We are using them for vegetable gardening for many years.

Commercial farmers who do not have greenhouse they also use fabric pots to grow different plants and herbs. They move these pots outdoor and indoor according to the weather conditions.

If you want to start container gardening then use fabric pots instead of plastic containers. Because the advantages of grow bags make them more suitable than plastic pots. Later in this post, you will learn about the benefits of gardening in grow bags.

Different types of bags are available for gardening. You can choose round bags, square bags and rectangular grow bags. Moreover, the use of fabric grow bags prevent root rot because these bags allow excess water to drain quickly than plastic pots.

They also allow good airflow that is necessary for the healthy growth of roots.

Container gardening and grow bag gardening

Because in plastic containers roots react differently due to the lack of aeration. Plastic containers are sealed containers with just one hole at the bottom. Roots in plastic pots grow excessively in round shape along the walls of pots in search of fresh air. The excess part of roots starts getting die and this affects the plant’s health.

The use of clay pots instead of plastic pots is a better choice. Clay pots have tiny holes and roots receive air through them.

In the case of grow bags, the extra oxygen nourishes the roots with fresh air, this encourages plants to produce new roots. This prevents the roots from drying and keeps them in good shape. This is the reason vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onions, potatoes, and herbs can be successfully grown in fabric pots.

This means you can grow most of the vegetables on your balcony and if you have grow light you can also grow in corners of your apartment. In the UK most of the apartment growers have a balcony garden with indoor grow tents.

Grow tents help you to grow many fruits and vegetables at any time of the year. Because you have full control over the growing conditions when you use grow tents.

What are the benefits of grow bad gardening?

The benefits of Grow bag gardening are unlimited for those with limited space. Those living in an upstairs apartment can use these bags to grow inside their apartment or they can move these bags outside on the balcony when they need to do so. Or just put them on the floor and grow strawberries and herbs for your good health.

Pest free gardening is another benefit of growing in bags. Because in grow bags we use potting mix this is not garden soil. It is better than the normal garden soil and is safe to use for gardening.

Garden soil is more exposed to insects but the potting mix does not contain soil. So, there is no chance that mites, mealybugs, and other pests attack your plants.

The insects cannot penetrate underneath the bag if you don’t put soil in your bag. The only way insects can attack your plant is from the top. If you don’t have insects at your home I mean if your living space is neat and clean than your plants will be safe

Portability is another factor that makes them more desirable than others. It is easy to move a fabric grow than a clay pot or plastic pot filled with heavy soil.

Reuse them by washing them with warm water.

You can grow multiple types of vegetables in one bag turn by turn.

Take out the potting mix wash them and store them if not in use.

One bag can be used for 4 to 6 seasons.

Cheap in price than other pots and containers.

How to use Grow bags?

The very first thing you need to decide is which plant you want to grow in a fabric grow bag. The size of the bag depends upon the size of the plant being grown.

Remember the grow bags made with fabric material needs more water than plastic. Because grow bags allow more air to enter to roots area that evaporates the water quickly. If you can give water to your plants frequently then fabric pots are best for you. If you are an office employee and don’t have enough time to water plants regularly. Then you can use self-watering planters.

2-gallon bags are perfect to grow plants with a diameter of 8 inches and a height of 10 inches.

5 to 10-gallon bags are good to grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, etc.

While choosing to grow bags make sure you choose the correct size of the bag. It is not worth to grow small size plants in big grow bags. Because you need to put more potting mix in your big bag and give more fertilizers this will increase the overall production cost. If you have a big grow bag grow big plants or many small plants at once.

The best soil for growing in Fabric bags?

For new growers the use of premixed potting soil or potting mix is perfect. If you have knowledge of potting soil you can make it at home at a low cost.

One-third of peat moss, compost, and vermiculite is the better choice. This mixture retains the water for a long time and reduces the frequent need for water.

While filling the bag with growing medium leave the upper two inches of grow bag. Do not fill it to the top edge.

Now lift the bag, shake it so that the soil sits evenly, and then use your hand to gently loosen the soil.

Keep in mind that your bag has to have a drain hole at the bottom. Many of the high-quality grow bags comes with a pre drainage hole. But if yours don’t have it, make it by using scissors, a half-inch hole is enough (just one hole).

How to decorate grow bags so they look good?

Bu using the below trick you can decorate your grow bags and they will look stylish in your house.


Buy two to three tiers frames to put grow bags in them. This way they look stylish, beautiful and you can get more at one spot. This means you can grow more in the same space with a little height. Grow bags do not carry more space than 27 inches. You can add two bags in the lower frame and two more in the upper frame.

Planter tub:

You can use a planter tub to place them safely. You can choose a planter tub made of steel and plastic. This saves your carpets from water drainage. The water that drains out of the grow bag collects in the planter tub. Then you can move the planter tub to drain the excess water in the sink.

Pros and cons of Using Grow bags for gardening

Everything has some good and some negative points. Let’s discuss the Pros of Grow bags first

Grow bags have handles and they are easy to move from one place to other

They do not crack in different temperatures and are more durable than plastic ones.

You can easily grow food in limited space

Great for renters who want to start a garden in a rented place. 

Excellent drainage and aeration abilities

Fabric grow pots are Reusable grow pots


Your pets can chew your grow bag

People complain about the handles of bags, they fall off easily but a good brand has durable grow bags. Read online reviews before buying them

More water is required than plastic pots due to good aeration

I hope you like the Grow bag gardening post and now it is easy for you to grow in small grow areas. Please leave us a comment on what you like about it.