Aloe Vera plant has many health and skin benefits. It is a well-known plant over the globe and if you want to grow aloe vera at home then you should know the following things before planting aloe vera.

This post is about growing aloe vera at home in easy way.


Every plant needs light to do photosynthesis. This is a process by which they make their food from light energy. Where other plants required direct sunlight. The good news is Aloe Vera plant does not need direct light. This means you don’t need to put in the direct sunlight also don’t have to buy a grow light for the Aloe Vera plant.

Just grow it in a pot and place it outside in indirect sunlight and in cold weather bring it inside. Your normal home lights are enough for the plant to full fil its light requirements.

Direct bright light can burn the Aloe Vera plant. Therefore, try to place it in the shade especially if you are going to place the aloe] vera pot outside.


 Temperature is crucial for every plant that you grow at home. The advantage of indoor gardening is you can grow any plant at any time of the year. Because the indoor grow equipment gives you full control over the light and temperature. In grow tents, you can create summer-like conditions in winters.

But for Aloe Vera, you don’t need to buy a grow tent. It can survive without any problem in temperatures between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. We have temperature inside our home about 18 to 26 degrees (excellent for Aloe Vera plant).

Watering Aloe Vera plants

Aloe Vera plant has Aloe Vera gel in it and the plant uses water to make this gel which means it needs a good amount of water. The interesting part is it needs more water but not frequent water.

In simple words, you need to give sufficient water to Aloe Vera at once and then give the same amount of water next week on the same day.

Before watering Aloe vera it is best to check the soil conditions. If the upper two inches of soil feel dry. Then you need to water the Aloe vera immediately. If the soil feels moist wait until it gets semi-dry.

Fertilizers for growing Aloe vera at home

Use high-quality potting soil to give all necessary nutrients to the plant and you don’t have to give it any extra nutrients to grow. Some growers give a little boost of nitrogen to speed up the growth but it is not necessary. Good pre-fertilized soil can take care of everything that Aloe Vera needs (Nutrients).

Aloe Vera Container

You can use any container to grow Aloe Vera at home. In fact, you can make your own container by using useless plastic buckets. Just make a half-inch hole at the bottom and your home-made container is ready.

While choosing a container make sure it is good for air circulation. Professional gardeners recommend using clay pots for growing plants because they have tiny pores in them. The air circulates around the roots through these pores.

Plastic containers don’t allow air to enter and plant only receive fresh air from the top. But this is not a problem in the case of the Aloe Vera plant. Plastic containers are good for growing Aloe Vera at home.

For the best affordable solution, you can use Grow Bag to grow aloe vera plants at your home.

Best Soil to Grow Aloe Vera at home

If you use garden soil you need to give it a heat treatment to kill the bacteria before bringing it inside your home. Or your plan is to grow it outside according to the season you can use garden soil freely. In my opinion for indoor Aloe Vera plants, Potting mix is good to be used. You need to give nutrients separately if you use potting mix.

Potting soil has all the nutrients for the plant but potting mix do not contain any amount of nutrients.

Pests and diseases

Generally, the plant does not get infected by any disease unless you overwater the plant. This develops the root rot conditions along with other fungus diseases. Overwatering also attracts Mealybugs and other pests.

Root rooting, Soft roots, Fungal Steam are all result of excess watering. Avoid excess watering and your plant will not get any disease.

What are the main benefits of Indoor Aloe Vera?

Heal burns and bites

Improve skin condition

Improve digestion

Good for Detoxification

Purify air

Heal burns and bits

Aloe Vera gel has healing properties and they come from the Ascorbic acid, zinc, and Polysaccharides found in the gel.

It can easily Heal the sunburn and heat burn. The Aloe Vera gel gives an instant cool feeling when it is applied to burned skin.

If you have an insect bite apply the fresh Aloe vera gel on it. This will reduce the pain and inflammation.

Improve Skin Condition

Hydration is the key to beautiful, young, and glowing skin. Aloe Vera gel has excellent hydrating properties and this is the reason most of the hydrating creams, moisturizers contain this ingredient. In fact, now you can buy face moisturizers that have pure Aloe Vera gel. 

Some people have allergies to other skin moisturizing ingredients. Their skin became red or they develop red spots when they apply chemical contained skin moisturizers.

Aloe vera gel is the world’s first natural moisturizer that you can use in all seasons. It does not make your skin greasy and oily in summers. In fact, it acts as a protective barrier between your skin and environmental pollutants.

Improve digestion

Aloe Vera juice is available in the market you can buy from the supermarket or you can make it at home by watching a Youtube video. The juice helps to clean your digestive tract this improves the digestion of food and other drinks.

For individuals having problems with bowel movement, Aloe Vera juice is the perfect remedy to keep everything normal in a few days.

Good for Detoxification

Indoor grown Aloe Vera provide you the opportunity to detox your internal systems without consuming costly medicines.  Aloe Vera juice keeps your body and organs free of toxins. If you smoke or drink alcohol add Aloe Vera juice to your diet to recover quickly from the harmful effects of these habits

Air Purification

Not only Aloe Vera but every indoor-grown plant cleans the air in which you and your family breathe. Plants absorb carbon and release fresh oxygen in the air. Humans need fresh oxygen to breathe and to live long.  So, grow some plants at home and get free fresh oxygen for years.