There is a new prescription in the market that is more famous and most doctors are prescribing it to their patients. They see a dramatic change in their mood, health, mindset, and the good news is this prescription is for everybody.

Doctors often tell their patients to go outside in green and spend some time with mother nature. In today’s busy world we don’t have time to go hiking to explore nature.

After everyday work our mind needs rest. I am not talking about sleeping for 7 hours every light. Here I am talking about rest from stress, overthinking, and emotions.

For office employees, it is not possible to visit the green belt every week. But what if a tell you there is a way by which you can stay in touch with nature.

A home garden or indoor garden is the best way to keep yourself close to nature and it is a healthy exercise for the body and mind.

What are green Prescriptions?

Few years ago, doctors advise their patients to go out and spend some time with themselves. But nowadays they prescribe these things to every patient. Work stress, family stress, relationship stress, financial stress, and other stress block our minds and reduce the energy and physiologic balance in human life.

Therefore, doctors tell their patients to go hiking through woods, spend some time to grow a plant, walk through a green park. Don’t sit at home on your couch and wait for a miracle to happen that brings your health back on track.

You have to take positive actions to improve your health and diet.

Social prescription is increasing day after day. It is for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental depressions.

Social isolation is a big problem in today’s society. People don’t like to go out and talk with others therefore when they go to the doctor, they get a green prescription.

I person who is in contact with nature never feels stress on his/her mind.

Let’s take a look on most common green prescriptions

Gardening for Physical and Mental Exercise

The most common green prescription is setting up a green garden or get involved in the community garden. Because while gardening your lift heavy soil bags. It is a sweaty job you need to sit and stand many times which is good for knees and back.

For gardening, you do not need a large space. Those who are living in apartments can start container gardening. Where we grow every plant in a container.

Or you can use hydroponic systems to grow plants in small spaces.  

This keeps a person busy in growing a plant from seed to big trees. When he/she see a tiny sprout coming out from the seeds. This gives the feeling of achievement which increases confidence.

Most of the time people like to grow flowers and vegetables because it is easy for them. When they see vegetables grown by them are liked by other people, they feel confident. This feeling of confidence increases socialism and reduce the level of depression and anxiety.

Gardening is an outdoor activity you can grow plants in the yard or even inside your home in containers.

Involved in the community garden

You can find many community gardens in the UK. Choose the nearby community garden and Participate in gardening if you feel lonely. Moreover, you can learn many new things from others. Because many new and experienced growers work together to bring life to a seed.

There you learn many new skills, talk to other people, you learn how to work in a team. All these new skills help to reduces depression and anxiety.

If there is no community garden in your area get help from your friend and family members to grow plants. Or you can read the articles online, watch YouTube videos, and learn from there.

Fresh food

For good physical and mental health, one should need to eat fresh organic food. Eating organic vegetables grown in your garden by yourself encourages you to keep eating fresh and good food. Start with the vegetables that you and your family like to eat every week. This way you can reduce the grocery bill because growing vegetables at home are cheaper than buying from the farmer’s market or from the supermarket.

Improved diet, increased physical activity and socialism improve the personality.

Those living stressful life should start growing food as soon as possible. Herbs are the easiest thing to start with if you don’t have any past experience of gardening. Read our other articles and know everything about growing different vegetables at home.

You and Nature

Green prescriptions push people towards nature and a high percentage of the population is shifting towards green life. It is good for our environment and planet. The more our society connects with trees, plants, and the natural world, the more will be respect for every living thing on this planet. This way we stop damaging our atmosphere.

In short, gardening help you to save your environment, your health, money on grocery, relax your mind, and give happiness.

Final words

It costs you nothing to walk in a green park or to help others to maintain the environment green. If you don’t want to set up a garden at your residence then go to the local nursery and help them with their work. This way you can keep yourself healthy, learn about different plants, and help the community and contribute to keeping our planet green and safe.