Get full control over plant growth with the help of grow tents and grow hundreds of plants at home in small space.

If you like to grow plants secretly then grow tent is the only solution. Grow tents in the UK are an affordable and reliable option that keeps your growing plants safe from pets.

Plants grown in grow tents give more yield as compare to the plants grown in the outside gardens.

Grow tent is like a small portable greenhouse where you have full control over plant and growing conditions.

You can change the inside temperature of the tent at the time of the year with just a few settings.

Let’s find out how to choose grow tents and use them.

What are grow tents?

Grow tent is like a portable grow room made of high-quality thick material and is used to grow plants without creating a mess.

Every plant releases some fragrance and growing tents lock that smell inside.


You have no plant fragrance inside your home.

The outer body of growing tents is made of canvas material while the inner layer is made of reflective Mayer.

For photosynthesis, we use grow lights.

These portable grow rooms also hold the heat energy to maintain the correct temperature inside for proper plant growth.  

How to choose a grow tent?

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing indoor grow tents.


Carefully measure the length, width, and height of the area where you want to place your grow tent. Generally, your tent should be a little smaller than the growing space, this allows better fitting of the tent.

The second thing you need to decide is how many plants you want to grow in it. This gives you an idea of the width of the tent.  Check the height of your plants this helps you to choose the grow tent height.

Some hobby growers just grow once a year and they only need a single tent but those who like to grow continuously need at least 3 of them. The first one for the veg stage, the second for flowering, and the third for harvesting.

While selecting the size of a tent you should also consider the size and number of pots that you are going to use for plants. The bigger the size of pots more space they will acquire and you need wider tents.


The height gives you the opportunity to choose to grow lighting systems. There is a safe distance recommended by the manufacturers between plants and grow light.

If you buy a tent with appropriate height then you can adjust the distance between the plant and grow light according to the height of the growing plant.

As the plant grows vertically you have to move the grow light upwards.

7 feet is the standard height of grow tents but there are many options available in the market. Some of them come with a short height which you can use to grow herbs that do not grow like tall plants.

Some manufacturers make height-adjustable tents you can adjust the height of the tent as your plant grows vertically. Check their maximum limit of height before investing in them.

In short tents, you do not need to use high intensity grow lights. Because high intensity or powerful lights can increase the chances of the plant burning in short tents.

It is best to pick the height-adjustable tents, sometimes people decide to grow different plants. This will help them to grow any size of the plant


In order to maintain a good environment for the plant one should take care of proper ventilation systems. Duct fans are the popular option that growers install in their tents and give their plants favorable conditions to grow without any problem.

Make sure your tent has ducts and ports for the exhaust fans and electrical wires. Duct fans come in different sizes and shapes, choose according to your grow tent type.

Make sure there are separate holes available for the intake of fresh air and exhaust vents for the hot air.

If you are planning to use HPS or fluorescent light then you need more vents in a tent because these light technologies emit a high amount of heat.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while looking for the air vets is, they do not allow the light to leave the tent through them.


We all know that we should always choose durable things to take the most out of them. The same rule applies here, for continuous harvest you need a highly durable tent. Tents made with high-quality material give good durability to users. You have to pay a little high price for better quality products.

Cheap quality products are made with low-quality material which looks strong and tough but in reality, they are the extremely low-quality product.

The thickness of the canvas decides the durability of the growing tent. Durable tents are tough and can handle daily wear and tear.


It is best for you to stay inside your budget. There are many options in the market, many reputed manufacturers make low-cost but high-quality tents for indoor growers. It is totally up to you how much money you want to spend on them. But it is not advised to spend 50% of your total indoor growing budget on grow tents in UK. If this kind of situation occurs then it is better to buy a complete grow tent kit. These kits include everything that you need to grow plants at home (grow light, duct fan, timer, and other necessary growing tools).


Grow tents are normally made with steel pipes all you need to do is just fit them with one another to stand the structure. The upper steel pipe is there to hold the grow light. So, choose a tent made with high-quality steel rods. Plastic rods cannot hold the weight of a duct fan and grow light. Don’t go for a tent made with plastic rods

Before buying any tent check for the weight capacity of it. Some manufacturers print the weight limit on the tent itself while others print it clearly in the manual book. Also, check the weight of your grow light and duct fan before selecting any grow room.


Growers sometimes like to grow multiple types of plants at once. Every other plant needs different things to grow like nutrients, light intensity, heat, etc. In a multi-chamber tent for example you can grow basil in one chamber and tomato in another.


Assembling a grow tent after receiving it is not a hard job. No kind of tool or special knowledge is required to set up a tent. All you need to do is follow the steps given in the instruction guide.


Like all projects gather everything you need to assemble a tent before starting assembling it. Check to grow lights, power cables, ventilation fans, carbon filter, etc. Make sure you have all the necessary tools like wire cutters, screwdrivers. You will be going to need them in installing lighting and ventilation system. Do not forget the duct tape.


Construct Frame: First of all, unpack the grow tent and make sure everything is there which is mentioned in the manual guide. Open the pack on the final place where you want your grow tent.  Firstly, construct the base of the tent so that the base can hold the weight of vertical pipes. Do not need to screw them, use the given couplings to attach all pipes with each other. Follow the printed instructions for easy installation.


Once you finished the piping frame, it’s time to cover the pipes to give them the final touch. Take the black cloth to cover the entire structure by keeping the sliver reflection surface faced inside. Now check the zippers and inner, outer stitching. 


Lighting is the most important part of indoor growth. You will need a mounting hanger to hang your light on top of your plants. Almost all lights come with hanging hooks and ropes which you can use to hang them easily. After hanging the light attach the power directly into the electric socket and switch on the power supply.


It is best to hang the ventilation system inside the tent. Hang it from the above hanger so that the duct fan can throughout the excess of heat and supply the fresh air inside the tent.

Attach the fan with the carbon filter so that the fan can suck the heat and smell and pass it to the carbon filter where it gets filtered and thrown out of the tent.


NOTE: Do not forget to hang the temperature gauge, setting up the timer. Put all working tools inside the tent in the tool pocket. At last, do a safety scan and make sure everything is in its perfect place. Now place your plants and enjoy indoor growing.

Do I really need a grow tent to grow at home?

As the name suggests a tent is specially designed to grow plants. If you do not like to have a mess in your house then grow your plant in a tent. Take a look at the below-written advantages and disadvantages of grow tents and decide for yourself.


Plants need light to makes their food and they use this food to grow healthy and strong. All tents are light proof means they do not allow light to pass out of them. This increases the intensity of light and also the inner layer of them reflects back the light on the plant which increases the light absorption rate. More the light absorption rate directly affects plant growth positively. For the maximum yield growers use tents and high-power grow lights.


It is an enclosed growing space surrounding by thick fabric. Therefore, pests cannot enter the system. It is also easy to clean the small growing space as compared to the large grow basements where you only grow few plants.

They also protect your crops from bacterial attack and other diseases.


It is hard to grow crops when you have a pet inside your house. Grow tents keep your crops safe by holding them inside.


If you are growing secretly and do not want your neighbors to even sniff what you are growing inside your house then grow your secret plants in a tent. Grow tents seal the smell completely, not even your family members can smell what is inside the fabric tent.


They need less space and you can grow many different types of plants in a single grow tent.


If you are planning to grow outside then you do not need a grow tent. Moreover, the sunshine is totally free then why spending money on grow lights and all other equipment. Grow tent is for those who do not have the option to grow outside.

Yes, you can use grow tents outside, search for outdoor grow tents. Here we only review indoor gardening tools.


Yes, you can place your grow tent anywhere inside your home. We recommend you to put mats below the tent. Because sometimes soil or water in case of hydroponics growing accidentally come onto the floor which will spoil the beauty of your carpets. Otherwise, they do not put any harm on carpets or other surroundings.


Tents are 100% smell proof. They control the Odor completely no one can smell what is inside the black box.


Yes, they need a ventilation system but not always. For example, if you are growing basil you do not need a ventilation system in fact you do not need grow tents to grow small herbs. It also depends upon your lighting system some lighting system required ventilation because they produce excess heat which is not good for plants. LED grow lights do not produce heat energy you can use them if you do not want to spend money on a ventilation system right now (later you have to install it).